Myanmar meditation visa

How to get your visa sorted

A quick word on this. If you plan to meditate for up to 28 days, you can get a 28-day Tourist Visa online at, costing USD 50, and you only need to let the meditation centre know your dates. If you wish to stay longer, you have to request an invitation letter from the centre you intend to train at, then go to a Myanmar consulate and apply for a ‘Religious Visa’ in the old-fashioned paper way, but the advantage is you get an initial 70-day visa that can be extended while you’re in retreat for another 90 days. Not bad!

The best place I know of to get this done quickly and easily is Bangkok. The Myanmar visa office in Bangkok is at:

132 N Sathon Rd (link to Google Maps location), nearest to Chong Nonsi BTS station, open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, except for Thai and Burmese national holidays.

On page 5 of the document at this link, you’ll see requirements for a Religious Visa. It’s the usual stuff. The invitation letter is actually very easy to obtain – just email the monastery or meditation centre where you want to train, and they’ll take care of the rest. Of course, allow a few days for this part of the process.

Some rumours say that the actual consulate queuing and application process is slow, long, difficult, or whatever. In fact, it’s quick and easy. Arrive before office hours begin (8am or so if you like) and you can enter the waiting room, fill out a form, attach your photo, etc. Then when it all kicks off at 9am, you have your queue number and will be seen early, after which you can leave. I’ve arrived at 8:30am and been done and gone by 9:30am.

As for fees and processing times, as at late 2019, there is only one option. It costs THB 2,000 (approx USD 66) and pickup is next day after 3:30pm.

All the best!

Author: Peter Stuckings

Australian, living all over Asia. Explorer of the mind illuminated. Scholar of cognitive sciences, Buddhist & Pāli studies. Plant-powered. (Pic of EEG brain activity testing at Hong Kong U - yes a brain was detected!).

11 thoughts on “Myanmar meditation visa”

  1. Dear Peter, thank you very much for your post. Would it be enough to show the copy of the invitation sent by monastery via mail? I dont have the original one as required on the embassy page.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Peter.

    I’m wondering if you think there’s a solution for the following case: I’m in Bangkok and intending to go on retreat in Myanmar for an unknown duration (I’d prefer using a mediation visa to allow the option to continue practicing after ~28 days) but I also would like to get a tourist visa from the Thai embassy in Yangon for returning to Thailand afterwards. I haven’t been able to find finer details on how the mediation visa works (I’ve read the pdf you’ve referenced). I’m not sure if the embassy would see the meditation visa and refuse to engage with me? Or perhaps hotels refuse engaging with a traveler sporting a mediation visa? Do you have any insight here?


    1. Hi Jeff. Good news is your concerns are not a problem. The Thai embassy in Yangon wouldn’t have any conceivable problem with your visas regarding other countries. No bearing on that at all. Secondly, your meditation visa is good for everything else as well such as travelling around, staying in hotels and all that. Every time I’ve been there on one, I’ve stayed before and after my retreats to see sights, etc. Definitely go for the long visa and then do as you please. Also remember if you’re enjoying your stay, the monastery can extend for you. All the best!


      1. Thanks Peter.

        An update on price/time: My experience in late June 2019 was that the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok charged 2000 THB for the visa with next day pick up. They didn’t mention options for prices/times (though I didn’t ask).


  3. Hi Peter, thanks for the Post!

    Still spot on in January 2020. I was able to connect to a fellow Yogi going to the same center, as he read your post as well and was there at the suggested time. One stranger less, thank you!


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